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Customized Louis Vuitton Purses

A woman’s style is the manifestation of her innermost character; when she carries a high-end purse, she’s telling the world that she’s sophisticated, confident, and certain of who she is. At Leatherandvodka, our refurbished designer handbags are more than just a statement piece—they’re an entire conversation. Walking into a room with a Louis Vuitton bag on your arm is one thing, but to proudly display one that has been carefully redesigned and artistically crafted with the highest quality fringe and braided leatherwork is truly showstopping.

Each of our customized purses features handcrafted details that receive hours of personalized attention by our leather artists, ensuring that our customers will be delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of the high-end purse for years to come. Leatherandvodka’s luxurious designs bring a whole dimension to modern Louis Vuitton trends, seamlessly fusing the opulent style of refurbished Louis Vuitton handbags with the timeless Western aesthetic.

Modern women are busier than ever! Does an on-the-go lifestyle mean a woman needs to compromise beauty for functionality? Of course not. For many active women, their strength is derived from confidence; the right purse, customized for beauty, can provide them with enough space to keep track of daily necessities without forgoing any stylish principles.

A confident woman already knows she’s anything but ordinary – We help support these women make that statement without needing to whisper a word. A Leatherandvodka purse is perfect for the woman who welcomes the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and our high-end purses speak volumes.

Why Leatherandvodka?

The market is crowded with luxury purses, but none quite like ours. Leatherandvodka’s purses are:

  • Authentic — Our refurbished designer handbags are purchased lawfully on the secondhand market and verified as authentic Louis Vuitton in a meticulous and thorough process.
  • Stylish — Our creative vision is unparalleled. Every purse is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that anyone would be proud to have on their arm.
  • Handcrafted — The quality of our work is next to none. We always focus on the smallest of details to bring out the full potential of our high-end purses with the utmost-level of craftsmanship. This degree of expertise helps them to last for years to come.
Leatherandvodka offers a completely custom-tailored experience unlike anything else available in the luxury market. It takes a woman with a free spirit and confidence to sport one of our designs, and we believe a woman of this caliber deserves a purse that follows suit. Shop our customized purses now.