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High-End Clutch & Evening Bags

A woman’s bag can be full of untold, but crucial, secrets. These types of special occasion purses are often emergency kits; just big enough for makeup essentials and a few other necessities, but small enough to be carried all night and pack a devastatingly fabulous punch each time they catch a new eye.

Nothing screams sophistication quite like a high-end, repurposed Louis Vuitton clutches and bags. At LeatherandVodka, we mingle the glamor of high fashion with a free-spirited Western boho style, so no one will be able to stop talking about that high-end clutch at the end of the night. The perfect clutch should be just that—perfect. We handcraft every detail for a level of custom quality that is extremely uncommon in the modern market.

Louis Vuitton has earned their second-to-none reputation because their products are truly luxurious. LeatherandVodka works exclusively on refurbished and authentic second-hand Louis Vuitton bags, so our customers know they can trust the quality of all our special occasion purses and other products from start to finish. These enhanced clutches are incomparable to anything someone could pick up from a chain store; we stand behind every high-end clutch, accessory, and purse that passes through our doors. They are all vetted and meticulously authenticated as Louis Vuitton before our artisans can begin the process.

Whether attending a wedding, a charity dinner, or just getting a night out on the town, the right clutch can tie an entire outfit together and complement any style with a subtle, yet definitive, impression. In the same way every woman should have a little black dress in her closet, she should also have a little leather clutch to accessorize her evening wardrobe. Leatherandvodka is proud to be the go-to company to help. 

Why Leatherandvodka?

We make extraordinary products for extraordinary women. Women can buy a brand-new Louis Vuitton clutch, but they don’t hold the same distinguished flavor that they’d otherwise have with knowing they’re helping reduce waste while carrying a distinct, high-end clutch from Leatherandvodka. We can provide:

  • Original designs for all our special occasion purses
  • Handcrafted pieces made with the highest-quality leather
  • Individual expression with elegant pieces
LeatherandVodka offers the same authentic luxury as we only work with pristine verified second-hand items. Our quality craftsmanship and unique designs will satisfy both the queen and the cowgirl in any woman, because we should never have to reign in our wild side to enjoy the finer things in life. Shop our refurbished handbags now and find your perfect evening bag.

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