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High-end & Revamped Sling Bags

Nothing says boho with a touch of business edginess quite like a fashionable sling bag. For an effortlessly chic aesthetic that you can simply throw over your shoulder and walk out the door, there’s no better solution than a high-end repurposed Louis Vuitton sling bag from Leatherandvodka.

In the kingdom of leather sling bags for ladies, LV reigns supreme. At Leatherandvodka, we lean on the sleek, elegant lines of these products, only refurbishing products purchased second hand that are then painstakingly authenticated.

We use Louis Vuitton sling bags and confidently fashionable women as our muse to dream up designs for the high-end sling bags that blend luxury and Western/bohemian vibes with modern cowgirl influences. Each of our bags are enhanced with carefully chosen aspects. The level of love and attention dedicated to each individual piece is evident.

For a woman whose mind is like the wind—always moving, always shifting, always on to the next adventure—a sling bag is the ideal hands-free option to ensure nothing gets left behind in any process the world may throw her way.

Why Us?

At Leatherandvodka, we know that true luxury is about the value of each aspect of the piece. Every one of our high-end sling bag designs is modeled to enhance life in some way: to make her feel more confident, to give that presentation of the truest version of oneself, or to give the world a glimpse into the story of true and unique fashion. We know that women are a force to be reckoned with; wearing a fashionable sling bag from Leatherandvodka shows that confidence to the rest of the world.

Our process is highly curated and design-focused from the start. We source top-quality, previously owned Louis Vuitton bags and then begin to dream up handbag and high-end sling bag designs that will light a fire in the imaginations of extraordinary women. From there, we spend hours bringing our designs to life, ensuring that each of our leather sling bags for women has:

  • Exceptional Quality — Leatherandvodka designs are handcrafted to uphold our rigorous standards and allow for pristine attention to detail.
  • True to The Vision — This company was founded by sheer happenstance with the simple intention of making a Louis Vuitton bag incredibly unique—that’s still the goal today.
  • Unlike Any Other — Different designs found on our fashionable sling bags feature elements that are unique and exceptional.
At the end of the day, we offer something no one else can—a luxury design that is both totally unique and incredibly luxurious. Enjoy the Leatherandvodka experience for yourself; shop our inventory of high-end sling bags today.

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