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Louis Vuitton Tote Bags

Women seem to have the magic skills to pull exactly the right items out of a bag at exactly the right moment. In truth, it’s not magic so much as a little forethought and a suitable tote bag. A leather tote bag is the most fashionable way to get that space without sacrificing beauty and elegance.

Leatherandvodka is proud to refurbish Louis Vuitton tote bags for women who understand the value of having everything they need right at their fingertips without compromising on their style. We work exclusively with authentic second-hand Louis Vuitton bags, and we maintain that same level of luxury as we execute our designs—every detail is handcrafted for unmatched quality.

A high-end tote bag from Leatherandvodka isn’t just a fashionable head-turner, it’s also incredibly functional and durable. Unlike other shoulder bags, these totes feature two straps rather than one. Now women can comfortably carry heavier items like laptops without fear of dropping anything in the process.

Why Choose a Leatherandvodka Tote?

Many people opt to carry tote bags for practicality, but that does not ensue a loss of fashion or individuality. We cater to women who refuse to simply sling a sack over their shoulder and call it a day. We bring that spark into our Louis Vuitton tote bags that tells a story of sophistication meets boho chic.

Our totes are:

  • Authentic — We refurbish legally acquired, second-hand high-end tote bags so every one of our LV bags meets a standard of quality that the famed French fashion house has built a reputation upon.
  • Original — There is nothing like the unique design from Leatherandvodka. Owning one of our totes will show prestige and fashion-forward thinking from the grocery store to the office.
  • Handcrafted — The love and passion we put into our custom designs don’t leave anything up to chance. Every detail is implemented by hand for flawless craftsmanship and lasting quality.
For a personalized take on the luxury experience, shop Leatherandvodka’s refurbished Louis Vuitton tote bags now and enjoy versatility coupled with unmatched style in our high-end, leather tote bags.

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