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Louis Vuitton Western Gifts

If you are looking for a truly unique and elegant high-end gift for her, then Leatherandvodka is the perfect place to find the Louis Vuitton western purse for which she has been dreaming. LAV is the home of revamped Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories. We take inspiration from the exclusive classic stylings and superior finishing of this high-end brand to create something more distinct yet just as stylish.

Using authentic second-hand Louis Vuitton bags as our baseline, we incorporate western-styled influences that take the already fabulous to even greater heights. Our customized Louis Vuitton western purse designs allow our clients to step up their indulgence in this renowned brand by shifting from limited edition to one-of-a-kind pieces.

We embellish our pre-owned Louis Vuitton western purse and handbag selections in a variety of ways to ensure a distinctive design that is not to be found anywhere else. From leather tassels for our fringed handbags to western conchos for boho handbags, we place great value on the talented craftsmanship that breathes new life into our finds.

With careful detailing, we ensure that the resulting products make for a perfectly polished finish that any woman would be delighted to call her own. Whether it is a gift for yourself, or for her, make it even more special and unexpected with the choice of our customized vintage Louis Vuitton handbags.

Why Us?

Our products are unique specimens that though recognizable by the Louis Vuitton branding, are distinguished by creative customizations that turn them into rarities. If you are looking for high-end gifts for her that will truly wow, then check our inventory of handbags. Here we offer a selection of carefully chosen and handcrafted pieces, tailored to appeal to those with a refined taste and appetite for the superb chic with our Louis Vuitton western purses.

We source our bags and accessories from trusted vintage luxury brand dealers and thoroughly inspect them on arrival to confirm authenticity before transforming them into fringed handbags. Our workmanship is of the highest quality, ensuring that your gift will be treasured for years to come. Our western themed styles are highly versatile, allowing for our purses and accessories to stand out, be it in a casual or formal setting.

In case you, or your loved one, already have a Louis Vuitton bag that you want to be customized into a Boho handbag, we can also do that for you. For custom order, you can contact us either through an email or a text message.

At Leatherandvodka we consider our Louis Vuitton western purse designs to be a labor of love and expression of our artistic vision. With each handbag and accessory we work on, we hope that the recipient will love the results as much as we have.

Check out our Leatherandvodka products and discover the variety of exclusive fringed handbag designs and more that we offer for that special cowgirl in your life.

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