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Redesigned Shoulder Bags

Modern purse designs have proven shoulder bags for women can be just as stylish, and far more functional than the average handbag. For a woman who refuses to compromise on class, even for the sake of added comfort, a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag is the perfect solution as it offers both in equal measure.

We have added a dimension of design flair that distinguishes our handbag to one with functionality and class, a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag refurbished by LeatherandVodka checks all the boxes for the perfect shoulder bag.

Our designs blend high fashion with bohemian breeziness, so our shoulder bags are excellent for women who appreciate quality but who march to the beat of their own drum at the same time. Every embellishment and enhancement added to our authentic, second-hand Louis Vuitton products are handcrafted. Our attention to detail allows us to uphold an unparalleled standard of quality.

Leatherandvodka shoulder bags from Louis Vuitton certainly look incredible, but they feel amazing too. The comfortable strap and ample storage space mean everything you need throughout the day is easily accessible. You will have plenty of extra room to collect those compliments that are sure to come along the way, too!

Why Shop Leatherandvodka?

There’s no question that Louis Vuitton creates an extraordinary product; that’s why we so deeply value the opportunity to expand upon their work with our refurbishments. If someone simply wanted a luxury shoulder bag, you would go out and buy one. Our clientele desires more, and we cater to those dreams with these shoulder bags for women.

Purchasing a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag from Leatherandvodka is an experience. It’s an opportunity to uniquely curate one’s aesthetic at a high-level of quality. Each of our shoulder bags are:

  • Distinctively Stylish —Our passion for bringing together elegance with Western ruggedness transcends any passing craze. These designs are entirely unique and stand the test of time.
  • Guaranteed Authentic — We purchase bags through trusted vintage luxury dealers and thoroughly revise every product for genuineness so we can promise that every Leatherandvodka shoulder bag is authentic.
  • Handcrafted — Our methods require an extremely high level of attention to detail, and in order to uphold the quality of the shoulder bags we are refurbishing, we complete all of our designs by hand.
True beauty lies in individuality; check out our refurbished Louis Vuitton shoulder bags today to enjoy more comfort and convenience with added originality and make that fashion statement that will have your peers wondering what your secret is.

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