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Revamped Louis Vuitton Bags

For those that value high fashion, a Louis Vuitton bag is certainly the height of accomplishment. The LV brand is the embodiment of luxury and style. But what if you could get more out of this investment?

At Leatherandvodka, we take these masterful designs and enhance them further. Our selection of revamped Louis Vuitton purses are distinct creations that allow our clients to achieve sophistication and chicness. From braided leather straps to turquoise stone flourishes, we make use of a variety of design accents to add a western flavor to timeless grace in these handbags.

Why Us?

We purchase only authentic products for our revamped Louis Vuitton bags, sourced from established and trusted vintage luxury brand dealers. We go a step further by carefully examining each piece individually on delivery to ensure this authenticity. Our clients can depend on us to provide them with high-quality, exclusive pieces built from original LV branded products.

Leatherandvodka is dedicated to ensuring high-quality designs and finishing is achieved on every item. To this end, our work is meticulously handcrafted and carefully inspected on completion. This ensures that each bag is of the same superior quality as it was prior to becoming a revamped Louis Vuitton bag in its original form.

Our designs are painstakingly planned and executed to ensure one-of-a-kind products that any woman can confidently don, knowing there is no other one like it out there. This uniqueness in styling is the cornerstone of our business. Our clients have come to rely on us for the distinguishing touch we bring to our customizations to things like revamped Louis Vuitton crossbody bags that make them stand out from the crowd.

It is not only revamped Louis Vuitton purses that we offer. We also provide a varied selection of exquisite accessories, also made from revamped Louis Vuitton accessories, for your consideration. From key chains to lariat necklaces, we offer an enticing array of accessory pieces that help make the most of whatever attire is worn. 

The embellishments we apply to our revamped Louis Vuitton bags, like leather fringes on crossbody bags and pearl stones braided into necklaces, are prized by stylish women with a love for western and boho-chic styles. We draw on the cowgirl aesthetic to inspire our designs and create looks that are customized and trendy.

We are always adding to our inventory, providing an excellent selection of revamped Louis Vuitton crossbody bags, tailored bags, and accessories. With a variety of iconic styles to work with and the many ways we adorn and rework certain features, you are assured of a fresh design each time you make a purchase.

Visit our product pages to find the perfect gift or simply indulge yourself in style and luxury, with a revamped Louis Vuitton purse. Check Leatherandvodka’s inventory of revamped Louis Vuitton bags that will last a lifetime.

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