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Used Louis Vuitton Handbags and Accessories – Re-imagined

At Leatherandvodka, we believe that no cowgirl is completely dressed until she has her accessories in order. And we don’t mean just donning a cowboy hat and boots. We offer a selection of unique handcrafted designs, customized from original Louis Vuitton pieces to complement any style. Find your perfect handbag and accessories today.

Our range of handbags and accessories are highly versatile, tailored to various size and color requirements.  From our different length styles of reimagined leather Louis Vuitton handbags to pearl-embellished lariat necklaces, we offer an exquisite variety of choices to consider.

This diverse selection includes unique, used Louis Vuitton custom handbags, braided leather embellished wallets, and many other reimagined used Louis Vuitton bags and accessories that have been deliberately chosen and creatively revamped to suit whatever taste. Each design is carefully reviewed to avoid duplication and ensure that clients enjoy a unique experience with each purchase.

For women of sophistication, their attire is an extension of their personalities. At Leatherandvodka we cater to those that seek not just high-end products, but the most exclusive of selections. And you can’t get much more selective than reimagined and used Louis Vuitton bags and accessories.

Our high-quality designs are carefully crafted and executed to a superior finish that is naturally expected of a luxury brand. We source everything reputably, and all of our inventory goes through a rigid authentication process before it is deemed genuine Louis Vuitton.

We put detailed thought into each individual piece, ensuring that the result is a true reflection of the elegance and beauty that has long been synonymous with the Leatherandvodka brand. We do not seek to conceal or detract from the elegance and beauty of the brand, but rather add a personal touch that speaks to the minds and hearts of those that value vintage chic in a reimagined Louis Vuitton bag or accessory that has been created with individuality in mind.

Leatherandvodka presents its selection of stylish leather accessories and handbags, made from reimagined, pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags. Check out our inventory to discover our range of sophisticated, reimagined bags & accessories that make for the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

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