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Leave your 𝙴𝙼𝙿𝚁𝙴𝙸𝙽𝚃𝙴 on the world 🌍 🖤 Black Monogram Empreinte Leather Boite Chapeau Souple MM customized with our signature Noir colored leather and an initial badge we crafted for the strap. #theoriginal #leatherandvodka #lavoriginal #customlouisvuitton ...

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I 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗗-mit, this color could be one of our new faves! 🌭 Custom Ordered LAV Original Speedy 30 in our new Mustard colored leather with a 40 carat Pyrite stone from JForks Designs. #theoriginal #leatherandvodka ...

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Three isn’t always a crowd! 😉 LAV Original Pochette Revamp with blended Camel, Chocolate and Fuchsia leather. #theoriginal #leatherandvodka #customlouisvuitton ...

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Client Appreciation post coming from @hoteldrover 🤠 @savannahdunlapcoffey #lavgiveaway #clientappreciation #leatherandvodka ...

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Home, Leather And Vodka
Home, Leather And Vodka

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Home, Leather And Vodka

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Home, Leather And Vodka

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What they’re saying

I can’t say enough about this company! I ordered a custom neverfull and Kay was amazing during the entire process. My bag was sent out to jforks designs to have a turquoise stone added. She sent me photos of all the turquoise options and made sure my bag would be everything I wanted it to be. Leather and vodka’s craftsmanship is top notch. No details are left out in their designs and you can tell that they take pride in their work! My bag is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to send in my speedy for a revamp!

I love love love my revamped Musette Tango! I have had this LV since 2000 and briefly used it. Since then it’s sat in my closet very cared for it isn’t original dust bag. From time to time I would take it out and attempt to use it but the strap was just not my style. I found out about leather and vodka from a friend and decided to go for it! Kay was incredible to work with and all through text message. I decided on only braiding but wanted to use 2 colors. I chose chocolate and noir and it’s gorgeous! I wanted it to be able to go with everything and it does! Beautiful craftsmanship and overall I am a very happy customer! Thanks L&V!

Kay and her team do a phenomenal job at LAV!! They are the original and only business specializing in Louis Vuitton restoration and revamping. They are genuine, caring people who are dedicated to excellent customer service! Any time I ask questions regarding my bags, they are timely to respond and happy to adapt to my requests. This team is insanely talented and pay more attention to detail than almost any craftsmen I’ve ever worked with. I will be a customer for LIFE!



Home, Leather And Vodka


Glad you found us. We can create something truly unique. A one of a kind design. I’m looking forward to working with you.


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