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The idea for Leather and Vodka first sparked when Kay, founder of the company,  bought her first Louis Vuitton. It was something that she worked hard for and purchased herself, but it just didn’t stand out or feel as special as it should have for something so expensive.  It was just like everyone else's. Kay decided that since she was already familiar with leather work and her LV came with a removable strap, she would tool her own and add braided details off the handles. Her goal? Using her talents to make something already luxurious more unique and custom. “I was thinking, how can I do something different with fringe without damaging mine or my Nana's bags,” Kay says.


Shortly after her custom strap and detailed handles, Kay purchased an MM St. Cloud online and let her creativity run wild. This was the first bag that was actually punched with holes, fully fringed, and belts used in place of straps. The bag was shared on Instagram where it grew a following. Leigh Hajovsky purchased the LV and took it to market where it became a high interest piece. The orders quickly began coming in and haven’t slowed since. The infamous first-fringed LV spurred Leather and Vodka into becoming a small company in 2015. Kay now works alongside a team of 6 people in Austin, Texas, working on custom orders.


Since the company began in 2015, Leather and Vodka has collaborated with country music singer and songwriter Kacey Musgraves, creating a custom guitar strap and purse, as well as laptop messenger bag for Tim Howard, professional soccer goalie for the Colorado rapids and also plays on the US Olympic Team. Most recently, Leather and Vodka has collaborated with J. Forks that created a way to attach the popular turquoise and other precious stones to the bags. The belief to create art by enhancing the bags into one of a kind pieces is what drives this company to be great. 


Leather and Vodka is happily splashing from the western world and into mainstream trends. The company values the agreement they have with LV (located at the bottom of every page on the site) and craftsmanship of how the bags are put together that in turn creates a wearability and comfort that the customer enjoys.


I’m a Texas raised girl! I grew up rodeoing until I began college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, in 2009. I now live in Austin, Texas, where I’m a bit of a homebody. I do love going out, but home is definitely my happy place. I love my two dogs, Tiesto, my black Lab and pit mix, who has been with me since before college, and Casey, my Beagle, who I got a few years ago.

I have always had a big interest in fine arts and pop culture as they have been a large part of who I have become as a person. I’ve always enjoyed fashion. Mixing different styles and piecing things together to create something my own is something I have always loved, and now I get to do that everyday with Leather and Vodka

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