About Us

It is easy to say that Leatherandvodka started and became more than owner and founder Kay Layne could have ever imagined. Looking back just three years ago to 2014, Kay began learning how to work with leather and other things. In truth, that meant most of her time was spent pouring through the numerous how-to videos on YouTube.

After making various types of other bags, the true idea behind Leatherandvodka was born. The idea was to be truly original and different. Taking her Louis Vuitton bag, Kay worked to create something that stood out from the pack. Adding just a touch of fringe and posting a picture on Instagram, the beginning of Leatherandvodka was born.

From selling the first bag to Leigh Hajovsky, to having her tremendous support open new business avenues, to the ever-growing list of clients, Leatherandvodka has continued to skyrocket.

Starting off 2016, Leatherandvodka established a home base in College Station, TX and welcomed Caleb Hilton to the company. The addition of Caleb’s capabilities and skills as a leather craftsman further fueled the goal behind Leatherandvodka. 

Leatherandvodka went from offering a customer a product, to offering each client a customized piece of art. With the drive to continuously outdo themselves, the team at Leatherandvodka is as one-of-a-kind as the business itself. 

The combination of expert craftsmanship, innovation, creativity and constant drive for improvement ensures the future of Leatherandvodka will be nothing short of being The Original.