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Are LAV bags authentic?

We purchase all bags through trusted sellers and only work on authentic, second-hand bags.  We examine each bag to ensure they are authentic.  If you have reason to believe a bag is not authentic, please contact us at



Will you work on my Louis Vuitton bag?

Yes! We offer a Custom Enhancement Service where the customer sends us their authentic bag and we enhance to their preference! Send us an email to get started on yours! Please provide proof that your bag is an authentic, original version of the brand and style it purports to be.



What is the turn-around time for a custom bag?

Typically, we like to allow 10-12 weeks for production. This estimation can vary but we will let you know at the time you place you an order.



Where do you get your bags?

We purchase them individually from 10-12 trusted sellers. 



Is this legal?

We respect the intellectual property rights of others.  We work hard to ensure that all products we sell do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.  We re-sell second-hand bags without material alterations and thus are not infringing any other party’s rights.



Do you revamp any other brands?

At this time, no.






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